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The U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics published a recent study comparing crime rates in the United States to England & Wales.  England & Wales now have higher rates for robbery, assault, and vehicle theft than the United States.

How commonly are assault weapons used in crimes?  What effect did the 1994 federal ban on new manufacture of assault weapons and high capacity magazines have on crime?  For surprising answers -- paid for by the Clinton Adminstration, see the U.S. Department of Justice National Institute of Justice report Impacts of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban: 1994-96.  The report mentions in a number of places that the results were hard to measure because "the banned weapons and magazines were rarely used to commit murders in this country" before the ban, and that the ban increased production of the guns, and made them more available than they had been formerly.  Because the number of murders committed with these guns were so few before the ban, no statistically significant reduction could be determined over the two year period studied.  "The ban did not produce declines in the average number of victims per incident of gun murder or gun murder victims with multiple wounds."

The FBI's Uniform Crime Reports for 1995 to the present are online.

Federal Courts Finder points you to recent federal Appellate Court and U.S. Supreme Court decisions points you to recent decisions of the various federal appellate courts.

Find California decisions (at least some of them) at FindLaw.California .

To find all sorts of legal decisions, some of great age, and other legal information, go to

Professor John Lott and David B. Mustard's Concealed Weapon Permit Study and Lott's refutation of Black & Nagin's critique

The Independence Institute (a thinktank in Colorado)

In spite of the similarity in name, The Independent Institute is an entirely different libertarian thinktank in Oakland, California that has published some interesting and useful work on right to keep and bear arms issues and criminal justice problems.

National Rifle Association

Second Amendment Foundation

Yet another site filled with sport & political information

California NRA Members Council web page

Johnny Pate's site full of stuff about British gun control laws.  Johnny is an opinionated sort, and his website is quite different in tone than mine.  (That is, you are less likely to fall asleep reading it.)  He has a lot of interesting stuff, especially with respect to the recent bans on handgun ownership in Britain.